The Eastern Tire Bead-to-Bead Process of Tire Retreading

  • Quality control begins with a visual inspection to select the most suitable tire casings; unlike tread, which may be worn away, casings remain valuable for the recycling potential
  • Laser devices precisely measure the crown and side rubber removed with TV100 Italmatic twinhead buffers
  • Nail holes requiring repair are detected with a Hawkinson NDT, which uses electric currents to scan each casing
  • Cement and veneer are applied over the sides ensuring the sidewalls remain intact during the process
  • The rubber tread is applied using the most advanced technology
  • The exact tire size is measured and created using the AMF Orbitread 2001
  • The tire is cured using 36 Italmatic VR Series bladder presses
  • The tire is visually inspected and trimmed while still warm

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